Pilates for EVERY BODY



Pilates is a way to both strenghten and lengthen the body.  

It is a system of exercises developed by its creator, Joseph Pilates, to strengthen and stabilize the body in order to stretch and increase mobility at the same time - the perfect way to BALANCE the body!

Using apparatus called Reformers, Cadillacs, Chairs,and Barrels, all of which he designed, we work to develop core strength, increase flexibility, and support the natural movements of the body for improved quality of daily living. 



Pilates principles found in every exercise are CONTROL, COORDINATION, CENTERING, BALANCE, BREATHING, FLUIDITY.  

Some of the benefits of Pilates may include:

- Improved Balance

- Increased Flexibility

- Increased Strength

- Improved Range of Motion

- Increased Lung Capacity

- Plus countless others! 



At Fort Worth Classical Pilates, we believe Pilates is good for every body at every level at every age.  No matter what your fitness level, there is a part of the method that can and will benefit you.  Our instructors are trained to know the ins and outs of the system so well, they can tailor the work to your individual needs.  We want the body to feel good!  And we aim to develop and grow the body, build confidence, and encourage a lifetime of movement! 




LAURA WEST STRAWSER is native of Fort Worth, TX, and graduated Oklahoma City University with a Bachelor’s of Performing Arts in Dance Performance.  She moved to New York to work in musical theatre, and while living in NYC, Laura completed the re:AB® Pilates Comprehensive Teacher Training Program in 2007 under the instruction of Brooke Siler, bestselling author of The Pilates Body, The Pilates Body Kit, and The Ultimate Pilates Body Challenge.  Laura moved back to Fort Worth, and opened Fort Worth Classical Pilates, LLC in 2009. 

Laura teaches Pilates at the School for Classical and Contemporary Dance at Texas Christian University where she aided in developing the TCU Extended Education Pilates Teacher Training Program. She is a Certified Pilates Teacher with the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA-CPT) and served on the Board of Directors of the Authentic Pilates Union. She has hosted The 2015 Fall Classical Pilates Conference – Ft. Worth, TX, in studio workshops with Mari Winsor, The Classical Syllabus® Advanced Teacher Training seminars with MeJo Wiggin, and is now the Producer of THE TEXAS CLASSICAL PILATES CONFERENCETM series which premiered in 2017 and upcoming in 2020. She continues to study and train in workshops and classes with industry leaders like Brooke Siler, Mari Winsor, Cary Regan, MeJo Wiggin, Chris Robinson, Kathi Ross-Nash, and Alisa Wyatt. 

"Teaching Pilates is a privilege and a gift, and I am honored to pass down the incredible work and knowledge of Joseph Pilates."   - Laura Strawser



LYNN HICKS has degrees in both pharmacy and business, but wanted to explore other interests and ways to help people. Pilates, and the mind/body connection this exercise method provided, intrigued her. She found the difference Pilates can make in one’s mind and body to be challenging and inspirational. 

Lynn gained her certification in the genuine Pilates method by Pilates Heritage, in May 2011, after completing an apprenticeship of 1000+ hours. She studied under the tutelage of Romana Krysanowska, protégé of Joseph Pilates, and Master Instructor ChaCha Guerrero at Metroplex Pilates in Arlington, TX. Additional education/training was provided by Master Instructor Michael Rooks during seminars and workshops throughout her apprenticeship. 

Lynn loves being able to share the gift of Pilates with others and to hear her clients talk about the difference Pilates makes in their day-to-day lives. She strives to offer each client a beneficial and enjoyable experience and make each lesson challenging, but fun 



ELIZABETH BOYD started with Pilates as a student working at the Monterey Sports Center in Monterey, California as a front desk attendant. Upon graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in International Studies, Liz accepted a job as an assistant language teacher in Fukuoka, Japan teaching English to thousands of elementary through high school Japanese students. Liz brought several Pilates DVDs with her, and over the course of her three years abroad, she consistently worked out to them. She realized Pilates was her true calling and wanted to become an instructor. 

Upon returning to the States, Liz immediately began taking private Pilates lessons and inquiring about becoming an instructor. “Everyone I asked told me that Romana Kryzanowska was a renowned protoge of Joseph Pilates. From the first private lesson I took from a Romana's PilatesTM certified instructor, I recognized the difference in quality between that single lesson and all the DVDs I had followed or group mat classes I had ever attended at a gym.”

In November of 2007 Liz moved to Arlington, TX, to study with Romana herself and devoted her whole self to this work and becoming the best instructor she could be. She apprenticed at Romana's studio, Metroplex Pilates, under the direct instruction of Chacha Guerrero. After an extensive apprenticeship of workshops, observation, practice, continued sessions, and student teaching, Liz passed her certification exam on her birthday in 2008. She is proud to be a Romana’s PilatesTM certified Instructor, and has taught in Tucson, Arizona, Arlington, TX, and owned her own studio in Las Colinas, TX. 

“Pilates continues to challenge and inspire me and teaches me how to become a healthier person by constantly requiring that I balance all aspects of myself - mind, body, and spirit - just as Mr. Pilates intended. I love the benefits that this amazing workout method and lifestyle bring me, but ultimately I strive to pass along all I learn to my clients and maintain the integrity of Joseph Pilates' genius work. I love every day that I go into the studio. Even on the worst of days I am always able to put any negative energy behind me when I walk through the studio door so that I can help my clients achieve their goals of becoming healthier, happier individuals.” - Liz Boyd