The Texas Classical Pilates ConferenceTM 2017 is a Continuing Educational Conference developed for instructors and advanced practitioners of ALL teachings and styles.  It is meant to further the knowledge and commitment of the Pilates Method and share it with those who want to continue to grow and learn the benefits and nuances of the Classical Pilates System. 
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• New Workshop Added – Russell Soder presents Maintenance: 101 Friday, April 28
6:15pm – 7:15 See details in Schedule of Events below.

• Exclusive live follow up with Sonje Mayo after the screening
of her new Pilatesology interview.

• Special Promos for all TCPC Attendees in Welcome Packet.

• Raffle supporing Mari Winsor’s gofundme page

Raffle Items include:
• Pilatesology Membership, Photography from I.C. “Chuck” Rapoport

Continuing Education Workshop with Lori Coleman-Brown

DVDs by Josesph Muscolino

Presenter Private, Apparel, and more!

Weekend Rate: $595.00
3-Day All-inclusive Weekend with over 20 hours of programming.
Up to 17 hours of PMA CECs / 24 hours of APU CECs
Check out our Schedule of Events located below.

Day Rates – Available April 1, 2017:
One Day: Friday or Sunday: $225.00 – Saturday: $325

Two Day: Friday/Sunday: $425.00 – Friday/Saturday & Saturday/Sunday: $495


Up to 17 Hours of PMA CECs / Up to 24 Hours of APU CECs


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FRIDAY, APRIL 28, 2017

Functional Anatomy In Pilates Dr. Joe Muscolino (2.0 PMA)
Take an entry level look at specific components of the body in anatomical terms.  Help solidify your Pilates practice and how you approach a client’s individual needs.  With special guest presenter, Dr. Joe Muscolino, we will review anatomy terminology, skeletal structure, types of joints, connective tissue, muscle function, nervous system control, and postural patterns.  Whether this is your first Anatomy course or a review for the most skilled practitioner, you will gain a deeper insight of the anatomical body in front of you, and how the pieces are connected and work together, to help you improve our clients overall strength, flexibility, and posture and movement patterns.
3:00 pm – OPENING MAT Simona Cipriani
4:00 pm – SEMINAR ONE
Wunda Times Three Alisa Wyatt (2.0 PMA)
Join Alisa as she takes a look at the chairs, this deceptively challenging apparatus, from the different perspectives of her three primary instructors – Romana, Kathy Grant, and Jay Grimes. See how each elder had a different approach and purpose in this workshop and how that can color your approach to your client’s needs. We might get a little Electric Chair in there, too!
Reformer Flow Chris Robinson
Let Chris wring the juice out of every exercise while maintaining a flowing Advanced Reformer workout. If you're a teacher looking for ways to get more control out of your clients, Chris will open your eyes to a wealth of information and inspiration.
Find The Stretch Dana Santi
We get lost in the vastness of the aerobic speed and strength that Pilates provides us. Re- discover the stretch in Pilates (without having to stretch on the ladder barrel) and watch how it just may change your work.
6:15 pm – 7:15 BONUS WORKSHOP
Maintainence: 101 Russel Soder
In this class you will...
Join us for a drink and light snacks to meet and greet your fellow attendees and colleagues while we look forward to the weekend ahead.


8:00 am – MORNING MAT Alisa Wyatt
9:00 am – SEMINAR TWO
Pushes, Pulls & Spotting On Mat Alisa Wyatt (2.0 PMA)
Joe Pilates taught with a very hands-on approach that provided support, stretch and a kinesthetic awareness that teaches the body to move as a system. Learn how you can effectively use hands-on pushes and pulls in the Mat work and how to apply them for different needs such as tight vs. hyper-mobile bodies. You will also practice safe spotting techniques that build trust and awareness with clients. Come ready to partner up and discover the benefits of hands on Pilates.
Pilates & Sports Chris Robinson
Bring Athletes into your studio using the Pilates Method to enhance the four basic athletic movements in sports (push, pull, run and jump). Chris has added some new ideas to this workshop if you’ve attended it before.
Pilates & The Aging Client Dana Santi
Perhaps they’ve been practicing Pilates for a longtime, perhaps they are a beginner at 80. Whatever the case, let’s give them the movement and workout that they deserve.
11:00 pm – SEMINAR THREE
This incorporates a 15 min break plus a 1:15 hour lunch break
The Chair Workout - 11:15 - 12:45 Chris Robinson
The Chairs are usually used to highlight specific individual’s needs in a session. However, you can use this apparatus to create a systematic flow for an entire workout.
Smooth Mat Tower - 11:15 - 12:45 Laura Strawser
The Studio Wall Unit, or Tower, is a great way to get more clients working the Cadillac exercises in their body. But since there is no set order on the Cadillac, how can you structure your group class to create a smooth transitions and cohesive flow for your clients? We will look at the different formats to organize your class, how to keep your clients safe, and some all-time client favorites!
Spine Corrector & Small Barrel 12:15 - 1:45 Simona Cipriani (2.0 PMA)
Want to develop more flexibility and control? This class combines delicious stretches with core work that will simultaneously strengthen and stretch your body.
2:00 pm – SEMINAR FOUR
Powerhouse Athletes Alisa Wyatt (2.0 PMA)
Whatever your sport, Pilates will give you more control, better endurance, faster reflexes and coordination, more explosive power by connecting you to your center, and will help prevent injury by giving your joints the vital lubrication they need before you put them to use. Gain insight from Alisa’s experience working with professional athletes including Olympic Pro-Beach Volleyball players, Lauren Fendrick and Nick Lucena, to create a workout that will not only challenge your athletic endeavors, but also strengthen your athletic mind. It can change your whole approach to your game!
Reformer Workshop Dana Santi
Gain a deeper understanding of the classical reformer as well as the order and the flow. Get hands on and learn how to get the most out of your clients and yourself at any level. Let’s not forget the rigorous intentions of the exercises and rekindle those key ingredients.
Wunda Favorites Simona Cipriani (2.0 PMA)
Join Simona for all of your favorite Wunda exercises along with some rarely seen moves that will challenge your body and get you using your head (literally!). Along the way, Simona's direct and encouraging approach will help you get more out of each move.
4:00 pm – ENDING MAT Chris Robinson
5:00 pm – Q&A ALL (1.0 PMA)
7:00 pm – PILATES, POPCORN & PJs
Grab your PJs and a bucket of popcorn as we get together to watch our Pilates home movies!  We’ll take a look at Pilatesology footage with interviews, documentaries, and hear stories from the past.  We’ll see our industry’s history, where we came from, and how we all can carry our predecesors with us in the future.

SUNDAY, APRIL 30, 2017

8:00 am – MORNING MAT Dana Santi
9:00 am – SEMINAR FIVE
Barrels Of Fun Alisa Wyatt (2.0 PMA)
Discover how to use the Small Barrel, Spine Corrector, and Ladder Barrel to delight every client in your studio! The barrels are genius for fixing body issues like slumped shoulders, tight hips, and ‘tech neck’ with exercises that feel wonderfully restorative, and can also be used to challenge the most agile student with flips and tricks. You'll come away understanding alignment details such as when and where to add a pillow as well as simple routines to add to your repertoire including The Businessman's Lunch, and more.
Cadillac Essentials Simona Cipriani (2.0 PMA)
From your basic client to the advanced practitioner, we all love the Caddy! Join Simona as she takes us through the staples of this apparatus, and then fills in with special gems along the way.
Brutal Basics Dana Santi
Less talking, more work! Discover how a few clean cues and proper body placement on the apparatus can change your workout and give a crisp new approach to your personal work or the long-time client.
11:00 am – LUNCH
12:00 pm – SEMINAR SIX
Pre Pilates & Improving Balance Simona Cipriani (1.5 PMA)
In this workshop, you'll learn how balance and Pilates work together. Coordination, balance, strength, precision, flexibility, willpower, control, and ‘habits of the mind’ including awareness, all can be learned and reinforced through practice. Join Simona for a basic workout that's great for starting a Pilates practice, for injury recovery, post-surgery or anytime to restore proper alignment. You can do this workout on a firm bed, in your living room while watching TV, or anywhere you can comfortably lie down and sit in a chair.
Pilates Workout For Men Chris Robinson
This work was created by a man, and the work sits differently in a man’s body versus a female’s . Chris is a perfect example to showcase certain exercises that both challenge a man’s flexibility, as well as those that highlight their strengths. Chris has a unique perspective and experience in training, developing, and building the male structure to fully reach its maximum potential.
Getting Down To Business Dana Santi & Laura Strawser
We all love and believe in this work. But for most of us, the business of teaching Pilates or studio ownership does not come naturally to us. In this workshop, we will take a look at customer service tips, industry organizations, software programming, and the ongoing question how to balance it all. We will share our own experiences and offer ideas in a safe environment and establish a network of Pilates professionals in which to seek guidance from each other.
Cuing Made Simple Dana Santi
Less talking, more work! Discover how a few clean cues and proper body placement on the apparatus can change your workout and give a crisp new approach to your personal work or the long time client.
Traditional Endings Alisa Wyatt (2.0 PMA)
The details that go into a traditional ending in Pilates are designed to leave a client feeling successful, uplifted, aligned, strong and flexible all at once. In this workshop we’ll go over the elements that make up a great finish to a session for all levels of clients and then practice several often-forgotten endings on the mat as well as on the Ladder Barrel, Electric Chair and Cadillac.
Advance Your Mat Chris Robinson
Take an in depth look at your mat work. Look at the purpose of each exercise; look at the goal of each exercise and work to achieve a higher level of practice and teaching.

"He Invented it, we make it."

THE TEXAS CLASSICAL PILATES CONFERENCE TM 2017 is proud to use exclusively GRATZ apparatus.

Gratz Industries is the original manufacturer of Pilates apparatus and the industry's established source for authentic equipment... Our commitment to Pilates guides our actions. We have provided the finest equipment for two generations of teachers and studio owners and we are proud to serve the Pilates community. - About Us I Gratz Pilates

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Historic Hilton Fort Worth
We are thrilled to be joining the Hilton family. The Historic Hilton Fort Worth is located in the heart of downtown Fort Worth, and puts it in the middle of great architecture, art and popular attractions. Downtown’s mixture of cowboy culture and urban sophistication makes it an exciting place to be, with many restaurants and bars in the area.

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Historic Hilton Fort Worth
815 Main Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102


The Worthington
Christened The Star of Texas, The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel is the city's original luxury retreat. Surround yourself with the sights and sounds of Sundance Square. Classic decor meets tasteful Western style in our luxurious guest rooms and suites. Our accommodations are artfully designed with just the right amenities to make you feel at home.

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The Worthington Renaissance Fort Worth Hotel
200 Main Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102
This is a 0.3 mi / 9 min walk to the Hilton Fort Worth.
Uber XL currently shows it as a 7 min / $6.45 ride.


The Sheraton
Situated downtown across from the Fort Worth Water Gardens and close to everything Fort Worth has to offer, the newly renovated Sheraton Downtown Fort Worth Hotel is your escape from the ordinary. From our revitalized front desk and lobby to our new Sheraton Screening Room, every inch of our hotel has your comfort in mind.

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Sheraton Fort Worth Downtown Hotel
1701 Commerce Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102
This is an 11 minute / 0.5 mile walk to the Hilton Fort Worth.
Uber XL currently shows it as 4 min / $6.45 ride.
The Sheraton also has a Shuttle available to drive guests within a 2.0 mi radius on a first come first serve basis.


The Hilton Garden Inn
Enjoy your stay at the Hilton Garden Inn Fort Worth Medical Center hotel, conveniently located on I-30, minutes from Texas Christian University, and near the Fort Worth Stockyards and Fort Worth Zoo in downtown Fort Worth. Relax at our hotel near downtown Fort Worth, knowing everything you need to stay productive and comfortable is here.

Group Rates Starting At $189/Night*

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Hilton Garden Inn Fort Worth Medical District
912 Northton Street
Fort Worth, TX 76104
*This Hotel is 2.6 miles away and is NOT within walking distance to the Historic Hilton Fort Worth.  You are welcomed to drive yourself to and from the Conference (street parking free on weekends/hotel parking rates are available).  Fort Worth does have Uber available in our area. Currently, it is a 6 minute/$11.69 Uber XL ride. The Garden Grille & Bar restaurant serves breakfast and dinner, and each room includes a refrigerator, microwave and a Keurig® coffeemaker. The lobby boasts a bar area and complimentary beverage service. There is also a Jason's Deli and Torchy's Taco in the parking lot that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.



Alisa has been teaching Pilates since 1999 when she left her high-powered publishing job to spread her passion for Pilates. Realizing there was a need to preserve Joseph Pilates’ original style of teaching, Alisa and her husband Jack Coble, created Pilatesology in 2011 and have since dedicated themselves to recording the work with instructors who remain close to the source.

A Pilates purist, Alisa was trained and certified by Pilates legend, Romana Kryzanowska in New York City where she ran her own private studio for a decade before moving home to California. She’s an often-featured expert for Pilates Style Magazine and creator of a series of acclaimed Pilates videos: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Pilates Workout, and Pilates for Men, as well as a sought-after workshop presenter at fitness conferences.

When she’s not traveling the globe filming classes with world-renowned instructors for Pilatesology, Alisa spends her time in Hermosa Beach, CA, where she and Jack get outside as much as possible, surfing, hiking and playing. Alisa and Jack believe that Pilates is what allows them to lead active, healthy lives.Alisa’s client list includes Olympic athletes, supermodels and real people who want to look and perform at their absolute best.

Click here to read more about Alisa


As a lifelong athlete, Chris Robinson is constantly in pursuit of peak performance. With great passion and energy, the Houston native brings that drive to the service of his clients, including Oprah Winfrey, for whom he acted as personal core coach.

A certified Pilates instructor with more than 15 years of professional fitness experience, Chris learned his craft directly from Pilates legend Romana Kryzanowska. He is a two-time Muay Thai kickboxing champion trained by Saekson Janjira and was a collegiate track and field athlete at San Diego State University, where he earned a degree in kinesiology. Chris is also the owner and creator of S6Fitness in San Diego, CA

Click here to read more about Chris


Simona Cipriani is the owner of the Art of Control and the Educational Director of The Art and Science of Contrology Pilates Training Program. She is a Second Generation Pilates Instructor whom studied extensively with Romana Kryzanowska, becoming a certified instructor of the Authentic Pilates Method in 1993. 

Ms. Cipriani directs her own Pilates professional certification program combining her knowledge of movement therapies with science the way Joseph H. Pilates intended: “Art and Science of Contrology: Pilates Certification Program”. Ms. Cipriani’s program has been integrated within the curriculum of classes offered at the State University of New York at Purchase College.

Simona Cipriani attended the Feldenkrais Guild’s training in New York City from 2005 to 2009 under the tutelage of Frank Wildman. Since that time, she has been working with clients utilizing both private Functional Integration sessions and Awareness Through Movement small group classes.

Click here to read more about Simona


Dana Santi began studying the Pilates method in 1996 in Evanston, IL. She studied under the direction of Juanita Lopez and was certified by Romana Kryzanowska in 1998. After completing her certification, Dana taught at and managed The Pilates Studio of The Midwest at Hubbard Street in Chicago, IL, a certification studio for what was The New York Pilates Studio® and The Pilates Guild™.

In 2002, Dana opened The Pilates Core, Inc. in LaGrange, IL. She believes that keeping Pilates authentic is what makes a successful studio. In 2004, Dana met and studied with Jay Grimes in Los Angeles, CA. That meeting changed Dana’s life and she is honored to borrow every ounce of inspiration and wisdom that he can provide.

Dana has organized workshops and conferences devoted to educating participants in the traditional and authentic Pilates method. In 2016, Dana closed down The Pilates Core, moved the studio and re-branded as Dana Santi Pilates. This move has allowed Dana to teach, travel, train and most importantly be there for her kids. Dana can be found teaching classes on Pilates Anytime and currently, Dana serves as Co-Chair and is a founding member of the Authentic Pilates Union.

Click here to read more about Dana

Special Guest Presenter - DR. JOE MUSCOLINO

Dr. Muscolino is a licensed chiropractic physician with a private practice in Stamford, CT. He teaches anatomy and physiology at Purchase College, State University of New York (SUNY). He also taught kinesiology and musculoskeletal and visceral anatomy, physiology, and pathology courses at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy (CCMT) from 1986 – 2010.

Dr. Muscolino is an approved provider by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) for continuing education (CE) credit for massage therapists and bodyworkers and runs numerous advanced study workshops.

He offers a Certification in Clinical Orthopedic Manual Therapy (COMT) around the US and the world.

Joe Muscolino's wife, Simona Cipriani, is a certified Pilates Instructor and has been teaching Authentic Pilates since 1995. She owns and runs her own Pilates Studios, The Art of Control (please click here for her website) at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Purchase, New York, and in Stamford, CT. She is also a licensed Massage Therapist in the states of Connecticut and New York and a Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner.

Click here to read more about Dr. Muscolino

Special Guest Presenter - Russel Soder

Russell began his career in Pilates in 2004, working with Mikael Salazar, of The Pilates Guy. He serviced and maintained all major brands of apparatus up and down the west coast, catering to hundreds of studios and private homes. In 2009, he started the east coast Pilates Guy, expanding the brand and bringing a much needed service to NYC and Tri-State studios. In 2013, Russell became the Sales Manager for Gratz Pilates, and helped boost overall sales by 20%. In 2014, he was made Technical Director for Gratz and opened the new facility in Philadelphia with the rest of the team.

2016 marked the start of Russell’s new endeavor: Pilates Lineage - a company focusing on classical Pilates accessories, hardware, small apparatus and technical education. He is honored to have been appointed as Apparatus Advisor to the Authentic Pilates Union and looks forward to furthering a broader understanding of equipment maintenance/safety as well as facilitating an ongoing dialogue within the vibrant classical Pilates community.

Conference Presenter - LAURA STRAWSER

Laura is the Owner and Principal Instructor of Fort Worth Classical Pilates, LLC.  A Classically trained instructor with Brooke Siler in New York, Laura has been teaching in Fort Worth for almost 10 years.  Laura is on staff at the School for Classical and Contemporary Dance at Texas Christian University, a member of the Authentic Pilates Union and Pilates Method Alliance. In 2015, she hosted The 2015 Fall Classical Pilates Conference – Ft. Worth, TX and in studio workshops with Mari Winsor and The Classical Syllabus® Advanced Teacher Training seminars with MeJo Wiggin. She continues to study and train in workshops and classes in New York, Dallas, Chicago and Austin throughout the year. Learning from industry leaders like Brooke Siler, Mari Winsor, Cary Regan, MeJo Wiggin, Chris Robinson, Kathi Ross-Nash, and Alisa Wyatt is a privilege, and she is honored to pass down the incredible work and knowledge of Joseph Pilates.

The Texas Classical Pilates ConferenceTM 2017 has developed from her love of the Pilates Method and commitment to sharing it to those who want to continue to grow and learn the benefits and nuances of the Classical Pilates System.

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