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Class Descriptions

Mat Classes
Performed with no equipment and minimal props, Joseph Pilates designed the Mat work first and the rest of the work developed from there. The Mat work was designed to follow a set sequence, where one exercise prepares the body to perform the next exercise. As a beginner, you will learn the basic fundamental exercises that will carry your through the whole system. As you progress, more exercises will be incorproated into the sequence. Because the Mat is performed without the springs and apparatus for support and assistance, it truly takes the most control. It is also a great way for learning the fundamentals of the work.
Limit 8 per class

Tower Classes
Performed on the Tower/Wall Units that emulate the Cadillac, these classes offer the support and resistance of the springs. Tower classes are a great way to practice on the equipment while still building on the fundamentals of the Mat work. If you are new to equipment work or want to enrich your Mat work, this is a great option!
Limit 4 per class

Reformer Classes
Performed on the Pilates Reformers, these classes will become the foundation of your Pilates practice. Like the Mat work, the Reformer is designed to follow a set sequence. You will begin learning the basic series and incorporate new exercises as you progress. Even the most basic exercise when performed with precision and purpose is incredibly challenging.
Limit 4 per class

Reformer/Tower Classes
Performed on the Pilates Reformers as well as the Tower/Wall Units, you get the benefit of two different apparatuses in one class. Not only will you get the basis of the Pilates Reformer, but also the stretch and support of the Tower Springs.
This is a great class to create balance of both strength and flexibility.
Limit 4 per class

Mat/Tower Classes
Performed both on the Mat and on the Pilates Tower/Wall Units, this class gives you the strength training of the you get the benefit Springs, but also teaches the body how to properly support itself without the use of the springs. This is a great way to learn the Matwork to practice on your own, but also have the assistance of the spring support to guide you in the correct form.
Limit 4 per class

Magic Circle Mat Classes
Performed just as a Mat Class, but this incorporates the Pilates Magic Circle. This small, but VERY beneficial appartus, connects the chain from our extremeties to our core and magically engages those deep internal muscles so hard to find. The Magic Circle is perfect for home use and travel and can give you incredible support for your own personal practice.
Limit 8 per class

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